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Early fishing this year!

Skinny Water Fishing Tips
A few tips for fishing in lower water


 With snow pack in the high country at an all time low, we need to prepare ourselves for a more technical fishing season.  Here are a few tips to help bring some more fish to hand in lower flows.* Give “Chubby” a chance

You can utilize a hopper-dropper rig in most rivers as opposed to an indicator set up when flows are low.  Attaching your nymphs below a hopper at a 90 degree angle not only gives you a better connection point for your nymphs,  but low water years will drive grasshoppers closer to river banks.  Nothing can beat the aggressive surface take of a hopper!

If your hand tied Super-crystal-flasha-mc-rubber isn’t working, go a little more naturalistic.

Last year we got a little spoiled tossing our elaborate, flashy, fun #6 nymphs all year (due to the extreme high flows) but this year might be a different story.  Fish will become far more selective in low, clear flows when they can actually take a second to examine their meal.  I am not saying to rule out your Crystal Hunchback Baetis all year but if fish are being picky, something a bit more naturalistic (such as a Rainy’s Real Meal) might be the ticket.

Rainy’s Real Meal, an example of one of the many naturalistic patterns to consider this season
* Put the damn fish back in the water!This one is easy.  When water temps rise, fish get exhausted far more quickly than when temps are at normal levels.  If you fight a fish for a long period of time, or even a short period, don’t toss him on the bank or have your buddy give him the “death grip” while you take 5 minutes to find your camera.   This should be common practice at all times but especially when water temps are high.  If you need some time to find all of your photography equipment, video cameras and make your call to “The Drake” to let them know you have next months cover photo, keep your fish in the water facing upstream in your net and keep the handling to a minimum.  No one wants to be known as that guy who is a little “handsy”.


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Great value fishing Guides!

 Call Tom Caprio..he will help you out!


Tom Caprio

Ken’s Anglers 303-601-3727



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Fishing in the area around our Lodges

Summit County Fishing

  • Flyfishing on the Blue River: Flyfishing is a popular sport in the summertime and the Blue River in Breckenridge and in Silverthorne offer some of the best in Colorado.
  • The Swan River: Rules and regulations when fishing on the Swan River.
  • Green Mountain Reservoir: Looking to snag a kokanee, try your luck at Green Mountain Reservoir.
  • Lake Dillon: Whether fishing the shoreline or trolling from a boat, Lake Dillon is stocked with fish.
  • Snake River: Spend the day relaxing with your flyfishing rod on the Snake River near Keystone.
  • Ice Fishing: Most of the ice fishing you will see in Summit County is on Lake Dillon, Green Mountain Reservoir and Twin Lakes in Leadville.
  • Fish found in Summit County: Wondering what fish you might catch, below are descriptions of the area’s fish.
  • Fishing License Fees: Licenses can be bought at various locations throughout the county.
  • Fishing Guides: Looking to improve your fly fishing skills?
  • Fishing on the Colorado River: The Colorado has many sections to cast a line.
  • Fishing on the Arkansas: The Arkansas not only offers exceptional whitewater, when heading down there make sure you bring the rod to catch some trout.
  • Fishing at Turquoise Lake and Twin Lakes: With such a beautiful backdrop and only 30-45min. from Summit County, this is an epic place to fish and admire the mountains.

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We can help you with your fishing

Did I ever mention that we have private Gold Metal waters on our Property. As our gust you can fish it exclusively! We also have Guild friends across the street at Cutthroat Anglers that we will personally hook you up with! My favorite is Sean Dailey, if he can  not fine you fish NO ONE WILL!  Let us make your dreams come true! We know where the trout are even if I can’t caught them!;)


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Fishing 15 minutes from our Lodges!

Our Local Chief of Police caught a Monster trout Just 15 minutes North of our Lodge! Green Mountain Resivour is the home for LARGE  lake trout!


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Improving the Fish Habitat

As you have probably concluded we love Colorado for many reasons! Reason Number 76 is the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) does an unbelievable job of repopulating fish in our Rivers. Below describes one such effort. I find it interesting how much effort goes into making  Colorado what it is today!

As part of an ongoing effort to improve river habitat for several endangered fish species, releases from various reservoirs will be increased this week and next as part of the Coordinated Reservoirs Operations Program.

Iniated in 1995 as part of the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program, the coordinated release effort is aimed to enhance spring peak flows in the Colorado critical to the survival of four species: the humpback chub, razorback sucker, bonytail chub and Colorad pikeminnow. Friday and Saturday, Green Mountain Reservoir releases were increased by 200 cubic feet per second, and outflows from Wolford Mountain Reservoir were increased by 200 cfs above inflow over the weekend. Increased outflows may continue through Wednesday.

“The release boosting this year’s Colorado River peak are a tonic that will make the river healtheir, and that benefits everyone from water users, to recreation and all the fish that call the river home,” said Bart Miller, Water Program Director for Western Resources Advocates.


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What Determines The Flow Of the Blue River That Runs Though Our Property?

It is important to understand how the water flow in the Blue River is determined. This effects our fishing and rafting in it! The simple guide line is in the Spring and early Summer the flow is generally higher and in Fall and Winter it is less. But when in doubt just check with the Forest Service office about 1 mile North on Hwy 9! Remember, as shown above the Source for the River is a Dam, that is why the River produces HUGE trout and large swings in CFS water flow amounts!

Water from Dillon Reservoir began flowing through the morning glory spillway into the Lower Blue River at 5 a.m. Tuesday. Water spills through the “glory hole” when the reservoir’s water level reaches its full elevation of 9,017 feet.

Water also flows through the waterworks and into the Blue River from the bottom of the dam. The spillway ensures water never flows over the top of the dam.

Outflows into the Lower Blue reached 235 cubic feet per second (cfs) Tuesday, with 220 of that coming from the bottom of the dam. As the snowpack continues to melt, the percentage of water coming from the top of the reservoir, via the spillway, will increase.

Outflows into the Lower Blue are forecast to peak at 1,100 cfs on June 9. Inflows are forecast to peak at 1,300 cfs on June 9.

Actual peak flows will vary from the forecasts depending on weather: Warm, sunny weather would produce higher peak flows over a relatively short period of time; cooler, cloudier weather — resulting in slower snowmelt — would translate to a lower-

volume peak spread over a longer period of time.

The Lower Blue is generally fine for rafting at flows higher than 500 cfs. To reduce the likelihood of flooding along the Lower Blue, Denver Water tries to ensure that peak outflow doesn’t exceed 1,800 cfs.

“There is always some risk of flooding downstream,” said Denver Water’s manager of raw water supply, Bob Steger. “The reservoir could be spilling, and we could get a bunch of rain. That’s a risk we have every year while we’re spilling.”

The historic average peak inflow is about 1,700 cfs, and Steger said this year’s flows would not likely reach that level. Average peak outflow is about 1,100 cfs and occurs around June 20.

“People in Silverthorne still need to be kind of diligent in understanding that anything can happen as far as weather is concerned,” Steger said.


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Just West of us

Besides great fishing the vistas here are unreal! I would recommend packing a picnic lunch to really enjoy this jewel.

Clinton Reservoir and CreekDirections to Clinton Reservoir and Creek:
Head west on I-70 to the Copper Mtn. Exit –
Route 91. Take route 91 past Copper Mtn. about 5 -6 miles until you come to Clinton Reservoir on the left. Park at the parking lot and walk the shoreline of
the reservoir to the mouth of Clinton Creek (east).
Above: Showing off catch at Clinton Reservoir Creek!
This is a bit of a trek but the hardy angler will be rewarded with good fishing and spectacular scenery! Cutthroat are abundant at both the upper (eastern) end of the lake and the lower section of the creek. Spinners work well in the lake but anglers who can match the hatch will be rewarded even more!

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Just North of us

This is really a hidden secret! Watch out for the Police on the drive back and forth, they tend to patrol this area regularly.

Muddy Creek

Directions to Muddy Creek:
For the adventuresome angler who wants to avoid the crowds along the Blue River (some people even fish at the Outlets in Silverthorne!!) take route nine out of Silverthorne to Kremmling. In Kremmling head west on route 40 (about 6 miles) to Wolford Dam. Park here and follow Muddy Creek as it flows out of the dam to some of the best fishing in Grand County (o.k. it’s not Summit Co. but you can get here from there!)

You might want to avoid this area in the heat of the summer since the flies love all kinds of insect repellant and some are large enough to cause unsuspecting angler to levitate! However, the fishing is great!

What you will catch and what lures to use:
Try attractor flies with a beaded nymph to catch some of the large rainbows but spinners work well too! This area is one of the best kept secrets locally since many anglers head for the Gold Medal sections of the Colorado that are nearby.


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